Awaken Love

by The Reverend David Taylor

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Music written for worship at
St. Mary's Kerrisdale,
the British Columbia/Yukon Anglican Youth Movement and
Sorrento Centre

This album is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Christopher Lind


released June 28, 2015



all rights reserved


The Reverend David Taylor Vancouver, British Columbia

A priest in the Anglican Church.

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Track Name: David Taylor with Caitlin Reilley Beck - We Will Walk On
We will walk on knowing God is always with us
The wilderness is holy ground
And through uncertainty there’s so much possibility to be found

Like Abraham and Sarah who wandered far and wide
We make our pilgrim journey with God’s family at our side
Through deserts of injustice like Hagar cast away
God will reveal a fountain to refresh us on the way that’s why we can say that we will walk on

Like Israel’s descendants set free from pharaoh’s hand
We walk through dangerous deserts to attain the Promised Land
We may not see the outcome
We may not understand
Still God reveals fresh water
Rising up from barren land
That’s why we will stand and we will walk on

We walk within the footprints of those who’ve gone before
We journey with the outcast
Crossing the desert with the poor
Refreshing hearts that wander with water from the well
That springs up in the desert giving life to all who dwell in the path of hell
So let us walk on
Track Name: The Angels in Heaven
The angels in heaven sing gloria glory glory gloria
The bright host of martyrs the saints sing along
Glory glory is their song

There is a choir that sings through the ages
Songs about love
Songs that make peace out of fear
And songs that tell of God’s praises if we but open up our ears to hear

Holy apostles sing of God’s wisdom
Prophets of old sing of God’s justice
O peaceful martyrs witness the kingdom as it descends on all and sorrows cease

Sing Holy Francis words that are actions
Sing Blessed Mary you are the mother of All
And Julian Lady of Passion lift up your heart and sing all shall be well

Sing little Agnes for bullied children
Sing gentle Giles wash all broken with tears
And Desmond Bishop of Healing lift up your voice for love has conquered fear
Track Name: Awaken Love
The friends of Jesus run together up the mountain fearing
The clouds give way to sun
The thunder speaks there’s nothing to dread my beloved

May your light O God shine on our faces like the sun shines on a blade of grass to entice our growing shine a million stars inside our heats awaken love in your children

The friends of Jesus go into the world no longer fearing
Their faces all aglow their lives transfiguring their neighbours with their labours

A mother holds her child they laugh together without fearing
God looks on us and smiles the sun shines brighter we are growing in love’s glowing
Track Name: Let There Be Light
At creation there was hov’ring over emptiness
Breathing life into dust Holy Spirit Gentleness
The light shone in the dark
And darkness drifted far away

Let there be light and let the whole world see that we can be children living free from fear and filled with Jesus’ living breath
Let there be light
Life has conquered death

In the shadow of death even there we cannot fear
For the maker of breath is a friend who’s always near
The light shines in the dark and darkness drifts so far away

At the time of Christ’s death light was laid inside a tomb
And the earth held its breath as all joy gave way to gloom
But light shone in the dark and darkness drifted far away
Track Name: God's Own
When water is rising and we cannot cross still God is with us
When fire is burning and all seems lost still God will meet us God still sees us

We are God’s Beloved Children we are God’s Own

With the Spirit of God within us we can stand together and confess that we are not afraid
Though the flood and fire surround us we can stand on higher ground that’s sound and sing we’re not afraid

We are not afraid
God is with us
Track Name: Hymn of Creation
All of creation is lifting its voice singing alleluia alleluia
The mountains and valleys are without a choice
They lift their voices to the Loving God and sing alleluia

If we do not sing the rocks still cry out allelu alleluia
Let’s join in the Hymn of Creation and shout allelu allelu allelu alleluia

We lift up our eyes to the heavenly choir see the sun and moon and stars still higher
And heavenly angels looking back at us with joy they join creation’s tireless song and sing alleluia

If we do not sing the skies still cry out…

The Spirit of God is renewing the world shining light and love in to the darkness
But no one will know if we don’t raise our voices
With creation all the nations stand and sing alleluia

If we do not sing then who will cry out…

If we do not sing the rocks still cry out allelu alleluia
If we do not sing the skies still cry out allelu alleluia
Heaven and earth declare the glory of Love allelu allelu allelu alleluia
Track Name: O Mary
Is it a long way from Heaven Mary O Mary O
Did the angel travel far Mary O
When you welcomed Gabriel was he looking tired as well
Is it a long way from heaven Mary O

Hail Mary O Mary O Mary O Hail Mary Mary O

Is it a long way to Joseph Mary O Mary O
Was he always at your side Mary O
When you told him what you heard tell us did he say a word
Is it a long way to Joseph Mary O

Love Mary O Mary O Mary O Love Mary Mary O

It is a long road to Bethlehem we know Mary O
Is it hard for you to go Mary O
Is there strength to carry on with a baby growing strong
It is a long road to Bethlehem we know

Hope Mary…

Now we can see heaven open Mary O Mary O
In a baby newly born Mary O
As you place him in the hay we can hear the angels say
O Gloria in the highest Mary O

Joy Mary…

And what a journey from the manger to the cross Mary O
Can your heart endure such loss Mary O
Still today is Christmas morn a new baby has been born
O yes your heart will manage later Mary O

Peace Mary…
Track Name: David Taylor with Andrew Halladay - Psalm 107
Deserts shall grow green again
Water fall on thirsty ground
God lets the hungry live
Blossom in the home they’ve found

Wickedness dries up the land
Leaving salt and dust and sand in suffering

When brought low and lost in grief
Wandering without relief in suffering

Wickedness has lost its voice
Wisdom gives another choice in suffering
Track Name: Whole Earth
When there is peace
When there’s no war
When there is justice and food for the poor
When there is violence no more
That’s when we’ll know

When there is love when neighbours unite to walkout of darkness and step into light
When every heart longs for right that’s when we’ll know

The whole earth is full of your glory of your love

Your spirit O God travels around moving the waters shaping the ground leading us with fiery cloud that’s how we know

The whole earth is full of your glory of your love

There is glory in heaven glory below
There is glory when we will have the courage to go
Be the justice we long for
Be the food others need
Be the light in the darkness
God will help us succeed for the whole earth is full of your glory of your love
Track Name: Night Blessing
Night has descended the daylight has ended
God keep your children in peace
Bring down your angels and drive away our fear
God keep your children in peace
Bless us and keep us and always be with us
God keep your children in peace
Watch us while sleeping and stay with us till dawn
God keep your children in peace
God keep your children in peace
Track Name: Together With Jesus
Together with Jesus we stand
And welcome the friend and the stranger
Op’ning our hearts and our hands
To love one another and help those in danger
We can do all things through Christ

Jesus said do not fear
Do not let your hearts grow heavy
Through the joy and the tears God will give us the love to carry on for Together…

We cannot sing alone to this song that Jesus taught us
Everyone sing along
We need sisters and brothers to harmonize for Together...